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Substitute Management

Substitute Management systems facilitate the organization of substitute teachers. Subs can specify dates of availability and this can be matched to specific teachres who call in ill.

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Frontline Absence & Time

A lot rests on effectively managing employee absences and time. You have to ensure that qualified substitutes cover every absence, accurately compensate each employee for their time, stay compliant with labor laws and know where all of your employees are during a drill or emergency. That’s a tall order — especially if you have to keep logging into different systems to keep track of employees’ absences, time worked and holidays. But keeping track of all this doesn’t have to be a chore. With Frontline Absence & Time (formerly Aesop and VeriTime), you can effectively manage employee attendance, without taking up your own time.


ReadySub is an online website that lets manage your teacher absences and substitute assignments by letting you post jobs online and allowing you to request your favorite substitutes. ReadySub helps you learn about your daily absence rate and daily fill rate as well as what may be the cause of your absences. Check out their website for more info!


Keeping track of your staff has never been so easy. No electronic in/out board software supports more platforms, provides more options for updating your status, or makes your life easier than Simple In/Out.


Substitute Online™ has formed an exciting partnership with PeopleAdmin, the leading provider of cloud-based talent management solutions for education and government. Its software enables clients to streamline the hiring process, onboard new employees, efficiently manage positions and employee performance, develop compliant and defensible audit trails, and utilize industry-leading reporting and metrics.


Take the chaos out of scheduling absences and substitutes with the Subzz Absence & Substitute Management Platform. From online and mobile scheduling, real-time reporting, to automated email, sms, and push notifications, Subzz was designed to provide k-12 schools everything they need to easily manage their school's absence and substitute management needs. 
Simple and Easy to Use. Powerful Features. Quick and Easy Setup.

SmartFind Express delivers comprehensive tracking, customized reporting and analytical support for K-12 absence management, so schools and districts can ensure there’s a qualified educator in every classroom, every day.  SmartFind Express transforms absence management with best-fit technology that identifies the most qualified available substitute for each absence.

6 results - showing 1 - 6