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General Productivity

General Productivity software. This is a catch-all category for smaller systems that don't really fit into their own category.


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Book Creator
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Create. Read. Publish.
Education is changing. Bring creativity to your classroom with Book Creator, the one app you need for any subject or grade level.
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Make any video your lesson
Choose a video, give it your magic touch and track your students' comprehension.

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Flipgrid is Social Learning
Where every voice matters, wacky is welcome and sharing is safe and accessible. 
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Jira connects people, activities and tools in a suite of agile work management solutions. This allows collaboration across all teams allowing people to come together and collaborate on projects. Several purpose-built products and deployment options are available for Software, IT, Business, Ops teams, and more. 

Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that allows your team to stay organized and have conversations all in one place. The app supports conversations through video, calls and messaging. Documents, photos, videos, chat history, & meeting notes are all in one place making it easier to work together. 
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Remind is a private mobile messaging platform that aims to help teachers, parents, students, and administrators in K–12 schools to communicate with everyone at once.
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Explore creative sound making
Soundtrap for Education empowers students and teachers to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, for all ages and ability levels.
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Zoom has the ability to support remote and hybrid learning environments for all grade levels as well as higher education. This includes support for students and teachers in the classroom setting as well as teachers & administrators in meetings and educational planning. 
14 results - showing 1 - 14
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