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Workflow Management

Workflow / Task Management software creates process maps, checklists, and Gantt-chart style resources to facilitate routine tasks.


Know of a great product that isn't yet on this list of California K-12 enterprise systems? Please let us know and we'll create a product page for it. Just drop us a note. 

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Document Management for Education:  Protected digital curriculum. Less paperwork. More time to have an impact on the lives of your students.

ASANA Featured
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Asana is web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) designed to improve team collaboration. It focuses on allowing users to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email. In 2012, Asana released its application programming interface (API) to third-party developers. Asana is integrated with productivity tools including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Zapier, Harvest, Instagantt, Jira, Zendesk, and DigiSpoke.  In 2013, Asana launched Organizations, which enables companies to adopt Asana at enterprise scale. Organizations added an Asana Team Browser, a user dashboard, employee auto-join and IT administration abilities related to provisioning and permissions.  In 2015, Asana released its native Android app.  Asana recently announced a new interactive feature called Timeline, which business can use to visualize and map out their projects. 

Calendly Featured
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Calendly is a meeting scheduling tool that helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.  SImply identify your "available" times on your calendar and Calendly does the rest!

Civic Permits
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Efficient Permit Processing Easy for groups to submit permit requests - easy for your organization to process. Flexible permit approval workflow, fee calculations, and powerful permit tracking. All online, with a few clicks of a mouse. Intuitive Calendaring Search, view, schedule and share all calendars with the click of a mouse.

Droplet FeaturedNew
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Droplet helps schools digitize and automate paper-based processes. We create digital, mobile-friendly forms to collect information and automatically route those forms to the proper administrators for approvals, providing insights along the way.
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Use Informed K12 to automate your school district’s business processes. Spend less time on paperwork and more time on the stuff that matters most to your district.

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KiSSFLOW is a simple small business workflow software and online cloud workflow tool. Built as a self-service cloud workflow software, KiSSFLOW is ready to use and can be set up in minutes against traditional business process management software and customized workflow tool which requires huge investments and takes days to set up. KiSSFLOW uses a simple workflow software with an intuitive 5-step workflow wizard, to help you easily design every workflow process. 

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Allow parents to book parent conferences online.   By using Meet the Teacher parents can choose their own appointment times from any internet connected device. Parents no longer need to rely on their child to make appointments, phone the school or wait to see the teacher.

Bring your school into the 21st century and revolutionise your next parent teacher conference.

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Office 365 Planner, which offers people a simple and highly visual way to organize teamwork. Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress. Planner can be used to manage a marketing event, brainstorm new product ideas, track a school project, prepare for a customer visit, or just organize your team more effectively.

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Nintex allows you to automate processes in minutes using an intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop workflow designer. The easy-to-use tool reduces the work involved in building, using and improving processes.  Nintex Forms allows you to create and publish web-ready and mobile-ready forms that feature dynamic fields, data validations, conditional display areas and custom formatting for rich interactions. 

Papercut Featured
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Fully featured print and copy control, loved by sys admins everywhere   Straightforward and powerful, PaperCut products help you easily manage users and printers.

Perfect Forms
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Schools and universities must balance a shortage of funding with the growing demands of a process-driven world. Increasingly, educators are being tasked to do more with less. With our educational applications, PerfectForms helps to improve the efficiency of schools and universities by cutting down on time-consuming busywork and giving educators more time to devote to students. Freeing up resources so the primary focus is on students, not administrative processes.

PermissionClick Featured
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Our easy to use form building tools allow you to quickly create and submit forms for almost any situation. Have a form ready-made in PDF or MS Word? Upload it to our Form Conversion tool and automatically convert it into a Permission Click form.

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A great web app for managing RFP proposals, from inception to completion.  Features integration with Salesforce, Google Docs, Slack, Sharepoint, DropBox, etc.   Perfect for Sales, Marketing, and Product Development Teams.

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SchoolStream provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) process automation solutions for all members of the educational ecosystem. This product uses innovative Collaborative Network (CN) technology developed by Right Response, LLC.  SchoolStream is design to support all members in the educational ecosystem, our clients include districts, state offices, county offices, students, parents, community members, and suppliers.

ScreenSteps Featured
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ScreenSteps is a cloud-based knowledgebase creation and development tool.  It allows staff members to easily create step-by-step directions for things like accessing software, conducting assessments, filling out HR forms, etc.  The screen grab and annotation tools are well developed and relatively easy to use.  The files created can be grouped into different knowledgebases  (e.g. one for parents, one for teachers, one for staff).  It also includes powerful reports to show you frequently accessed pages and/or search words.  A step up from ordinary Google docs hiding on individual employee's hard drives, ScreenSteps will help you automate and control your content management workflow.

Todays Meet
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The backchannel is the conversation that goes on alongside the primary activity, presentation, or discussion.  TodaysMeet helps harness the backchannel and turn it into a platform that can enable new activities and discussions, extend conversations beyond the classroom, and give all students a voice.  Embracing the backchannel can turn it from distraction to engagement. Participants can learn from each other and share their insights, improving participation and deepening learning. TodaysMeet enables instant formative assessment, feedback, and much more.

Top Desk
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No department is an island. Your customers rely on IT, facilities and other services – with each handlingrequests in their own way. Save your customers a lot of hassle by offering a single point of contact, and even by sharing your processes. With all departments on the same page, communication with your customers becomes more straightforward, and makes your services easier to manage.

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uniFLOW is designed to save your organization time and money by providing effective controls over its entire printer and multifunction printer (MFP) fleet. With its modular design, the uniFLOW solution can scale to fit any size organization, and can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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Understanding all the requirements of maintaining active student records and the process of archiving is an overwhelming task. YellowFolder has created a safe, convenient cloud-based document management solution and the only intelligent file cabinet specifically designed for K-12 schools. Our system securely manages the entire lifecycle of your student records.

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Connect with your calendar and only share the times you want with your customers - they book straight into your calendar. Customers get their own notifications, reminders, calendar invites and more.

21 results - showing 1 - 21

Know of a great product that isn't yet on this list of California K-12 enterprise systems? Please let us know and we'll create a product page for it. Just drop us a note.