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Intuitive software and strategic coaching for scheduling teams
Get personalized insights on your existing master schedule and discover new ways to achieve your school’s strategic goals. Keep student and teacher needs front-and-center as you iteratively build the foundation of your schedule.  Balance classes and refine student schedules with smart analytics and timely recommendations from your coach.  Sync the schedule with your SIS so teachers and students are set for the next school year.

Ditch those spreadsheets and magnet boards. Abl streamlines the entire master scheduling process – from analyzing course requests to finding ideal student placements  – saving time and reducing complexity.

Involve your whole scheduling team in a transparent, collaborative process that keeps everyone focused on what’s important and improves your team’s scheduling skills.

Tough choices like giving teachers common prep time vs. getting every student the classes they need to graduate are easier to make when you can quickly visualize tradeoffs.

Better manage your staff and classroom resources to meet the unique needs of your students and teachers – and stay within budget.

Compatible with the following interoperability frameworks or products:
One Roster

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Aeries, PowerSchool
Company News
Oakland Unified is the first district to benefit from the specialized integration between the Aeries SIS and Abl’s master scheduling platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 20, 2019 — Abl, developer of popular master scheduling software now used by a growing number of schools and districts around the country, today announced its integration with the Aeries student information system (SIS). Interoperability between Aeries and Abl’s Master Scheduler platform will allow districts utilizing the Aeries SIS to easily exchange data when building the academic schedule.
Developed in response to the Oakland Unified School District’s commitment to student-centered learning, the integration will improve the secure, efficient, and reliable exchange of data between the SIS and the master scheduling program during critical junctures of the school year, such as the hectic back-to-school period.
“Oakland’s Measure N Initiative to build career academies offers a wide variety of academic options to help students discover their passions, integrate student supports and build essential skills for the future,” says High School Network Superintendent Preston Thomas. “This scheduling complexity requires a lot of agility in the scheduling process. We’re grateful our partners at Abl and Aeries took their collaboration a step further, making sure we can efficiently build schedules that provide equitable access to the courses students want and need to be college, career, and community ready.”

Oakland is among a growing number of districts nationwide that have embraced a data-driven or dynamic approach to scheduling, which requires simultaneous consideration of course requests, academic records, and special programs such as special education and English language learning to get the right resources to the right students at the right time.
“We are excited to work with Abl to help districts across our customer base experience all the benefits of dynamic data integration between our two best-of-breed platforms,” says Camden Iliff, Vice President of Product Development for Aeries–a student information system used by over 590 Districts and Education Agencies in California and Texas.
With the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Abl has helped schools across the country leverage master scheduling and other innovative time strategies to fuel student-centered learning — and making a school’s scheduling data more accessible is an important first step. By working closely with major student information systems, Abl aims to help more districts build master schedules aligned with student needs.
“We joined forces with California’s largest student information system to advance the cause of interoperability for school districts across the country,” says Adam Pisoni, CEO of Abl. “We hope more education technology partners will make this commitment to providing open platforms that advance data-driven decision-making on behalf of school districts.”

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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