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Synergy SE (Special Education)

Synergy SE (Special Education)

Product Details

Synergy Special Education (SE) simplifies the entire special education management process, guiding team members step by step from initial referral through program exit in a collaborative environment that promotes student success. Synergy SE is more than an IEP writer, providing district-level oversight to help ensure that federal and state regulations are being met. And, because Synergy SE uses the centralized database shared seamlessly throughout Synergy Education Platform, data is accurate and consistent in real time without integrating or synchronizing with other systems.

Document Creation & Management
Create and manage legally compliant versions of the IEP and all documents used in referral, evaluation, review and reevaluation for special education.

Process Automation
Automate the entire special education process for your district, notifying stakeholders when they have tasks waiting, driving documents to completion, archiving historic documents, and freeing up time for special education and administrative staff.

Accurate State Reporting
Synergy SE employs multiple safeguards to help ensure that data is validated, reporting requirements are up to date, and state reports meet every guideline.

Medicaid Management
Easily manage Medicaid information and processes, from defining providers to reporting on service history.

Provider Management
Medicaid Extracts & Reports
Service Management & Tracking

Collaborative Work Environment
Provide a secure, collaborative work environment to help teams stay on track, get things done faster, and optimize instructional support for every student. 

Support Options
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This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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Manually Adding/Editing Special Education Data in Synergy
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