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eduCLIMBER is a unique cloud-based data system created for educators by educators. More than a warehouse or RtI add-on, we’ve created a solution for you to continuously improve student outcomes. Making data analysis more efficient and accurate, our users are able to maximize their time to focus on what’s important-teaching and helping students. Schools are quickly seeing the value of using eduCLIMBER to manage both academic and behavioral data in one system. This helps them identify and create a continuum of multiple supports for all students. Our application supports best practices with focus on creating sustainable and successful systems change through effective data-based decision making and identifying professional development needs.
Easily import data from nearly any standardized norm-referenced, criterion-refrerenced or teachermade formative/summative assessment along with data from your student information system. eduCLIMBER was created to provide necessary information for data analysis and systems change. It has evolved into more; our users create SLOs, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions within their districts, monitor fidelity of interventions, analyze behavior incidents and student behavior plans as part of PBIS.

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