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From data centralization to action, on one platform for K-12. Abre gives you complete data in real-time, so if a student or part of your community continues to underachieve or struggle, you’ll see it and make adjustments right away. Abre allows teachers and staff to log into ONE tool to see trends over time in academics, wellness, attendance, and more to better support the Whole Child.
Abre aligns 100% with CASEL’s framework of 10 indicators of schoolwide wellness initiatives to ensure high-quality, systemic implementation that enhances students’ social, emotional, and academic learning.

  1. Student Well-being: Abre provides tools to support the whole child by integrating real-time data on behavior, mental health, and academics. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of a student’s development are considered, fostering a supportive environment. Abre’s Student360 ties everything involving a student together and solves the problem of fragmentation and siloed data surrounding them. 

    2. Data Integration: The platform consolidates various data points into a 360° view of each student, helping stakeholders make informed decisions. This includes academic performance, behavior records, and survey results. Track the progress and outcomes of ELLs across grades and buildings, so you can provide the support they need to succeed. At a glance, see how your students are progressing towards graduation by monitoring plans and outcomes at the student and district levels.

    3.  Family and Community Engagement: Abre enables transparency and meaningful communication with families, allowing them to stay informed about their child’s progress. It also connects teachers, administrators, and community partners to support students collectively.

    4.  Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS): Abre offers comprehensive tools to implement and manage the MTSS framework, which is critical for providing tiered support to students based on their individual needs. Part of the MTSS Process frequently involves Behavior Intervention Plans. Abre provides an out-of-the-box experience for Behavior Intervention Plans.

    5.  Behavior Management: The platform includes features for promoting positive student behaviors and ensuring equity with early data insights. This helps schools replace paper referral forms with digital workflows, streamlining behavior tracking and management.

    6.  Professional Development: Abre supports professional development through tailored playbooks and resources, ensuring that educators have the necessary tools and knowledge to foster a positive learning environment.

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