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ClassK12.com, based in California, USA is a leading developer of next generation platform and applications for K-12 education. ClassK12 Personalized Adaptive learning Distributed Practice (PADPTM) program is designed to boost student performance and teacher productivity with immersive practice and engaging students in learning. ClassK12 cooperative learning strategies bring together cognitive research and learning technologies, developed by Stanford and other leading universities, to enable personalized learning technology in the classroom with one of the world's largest content base for elementary students. ClassK12.com educational applications and platform have been used by over a million students and have won several awards and accolades from the community. Does your child need a tutor for grammar or homeschool help with math homework? ClassK12 Distributed Practice everyday with fun grammar and cool math games will turn your kid into a grammar champ and math problem solver. ClassK12 provides learners access to elementary math lessons online as well as printable math worksheets, or just learn English online.

- Over 20,000 math problems and grammar questions
- Standards aligned Common Core Math practices and ELA exercises to improve student performance; prepare for standardized tests - PARCC and SBAC
- Personalized Learning: adjusts difficulty level to match student performance make it best learning app for kids
- Reports: Real-time feedback and performance reports for students, parents, and classroom management for teachers
- Educational game for kids with auto-solve helps understand concepts with right math answers
- Rewards, Badges, and Coins transform the boring to cool math for kids so they love to practice math everyday online
- Voiceovers help understand concepts, improve retention
- Kid friendly graphics, animations, and intuitive touch, click, drag and drop, easy to use question templates allow students to work with minimal supervision ClassK12 provides easy setup, saves time, reduces teacher effort, and is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device (iPad, Android tablets, Chromebook and Laptops)

For Teachers:
Teachers can easily set up classroom by sharing Classroom ID with the class. ClassK12 minimizes teacher effort, time and costs associated with creating, managing, grading and tracking progress and assigment. ClassK12 iPad app brings the best technology in the classroom.

For Parents:
Easy setup, review, and track performance reports

Fun and Safe learning for Kids:
Best app for students to practice assigned topics & review performance. Learning modes to master new skills and improve test performance

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Math:
Counting and Cardinality (CC)
Operations and Algebraic Thinking (OA)
Number and Operations in Base Ten (NBT)
Number and Operations-Fractions (NF)
Measurement and Data (MD)
Geometry (G)

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) English Language Arts (ELA):
Identify parts of speech - nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, interjections, prepositions, conjunctions, as well as the mechanics of capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations, and sentence corrections. Identifying sentences and sentence fragments, imperative, interrogative, exclamatory, and declarative sentences. Preposition and prepositional phrases, simple subjects and simple predicates, identify differences between direct objects and indirect objects, and play fun spelling games. Learn to identify the different kinds of pronouns including indefinite pronouns, interrogative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, intensive pronouns, subject pronouns and object pronouns. Identify differences between demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative adjectives. Understand proper adjectives, coordinating adjectives, and subordinating adjectives. Understand action verbs, linking verbs, and irregular verbs.

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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