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With Skyward's Business Suite, you can take the guesswork out of budgeting and implement stronger financial controls to mitigate fraud opportunities. Features include accounts payable and receivable, budget forecasting, and a real-time general ledger.

Accounts Payable
Spend less time processing. Stop entering numbers twice. Enjoy automatic approval notifications.
Accounts Receivable

Receive and process payments faster. Automate tedious processes. Get proactive about the money you're owed.See the Accounts Receivable brief


Multiple scenarios and forecasting tools. Built-in state reports and e-files. Real-time information.See the Budgeting brief

General Ledger

Stop relying on batch processes and overnight updates. Imagine a GL that reflects real-time and accurate information. Grab the data you need in seconds.See the General Ledger brief


Automated invoices. Graphical status indicators. Built-in safeguards against fraud and human error.See the Purchasing brief

Report Writer

Drag-and-drop editor. Access to every field. Full control over who gets what and when.See the Report Writer brief

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