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ML Schedules

ML Schedules

Product Details

ML Schedules is a web-based facilities management software system for room requests and approvals, setup requirements, etc.

Customize online Facility Request Forms by specific space.
Set different Facility Usage Fees for different types of Groups.
Automate approval, support and invoicing with Group Classifications.
Limit staff Request approval and other commands by district building.
Leverage data in other district software applications.

Custom Forms & Fees
Personalize and manage your facility requests with ease. You have the power to configure ML Schedules® to the specifications of your district’s facility request policies and processes.
Staff Notifications
Say goodbye to the email chains chasing staff support or looping team members into your building’s event calendar. Automatically notify support staff required for a scheduled event.
Payments & Invoicing
Create a closed-loop facility booking system by connecting your payment apps directly to ML Schedules®. Easy integration with other K12 online payment platforms allows you to effortlessly generate invoices and manage your A/R on space reservations.
Visual Reporting
Keep an eye on request and payment statuses with simple, clean, and customizable dashboards and reports. Our visual dashboards provide real-time insights into the status of all of your spaces, sliced and diced any way you want to see it.
Conflict-Free Scheduling
Never double book your space again! (Unless you want to.) Set conflict rules and eliminate the need for staff to check availability of spaces.
Bulk Updates
Perform bulk updates across your entire calendar for all groups and spaces in just one simple click.

Support Options
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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