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Yellow Folder


Product Details

Understanding all the requirements of maintaining active student records and the process of archiving is an overwhelming task. YellowFolder has created a safe, convenient cloud-based document management solution and the only intelligent file cabinet specifically designed for K-12 schools. Our system securely manages the entire lifecycle of your student records.

Safe & Security
• Access is centrally controlled by the district and allows you to enable roll-based access down to the document-level with activity tracking and logging.
• A system that is fully compliant with FERPA and HIPPA regulations.
• Digital documents cannot be lost or unintentionally destroyed, keeping your student records protected against theft or acts of nature.

• Cloud based system allows you to view or retrieve any student record from virtually anywhere on or off campus.
• Easy and quick access, reducing or eliminating time spent on file retrieval for administrator, teachers or parent requests.
• Integrates with numerous student information systems (SIS) such as Skyward and PowerSchool.

Cost Effective
• Reduce costs associated with creating new student files by printing or scanning directly to the YellowFolder system. • Improve staff efficiency with reducing time spent on file retrieval and updating.
• Reclaim and repurpose real estate currently used for file storage.
• Save on office supplies by reducing the number of times student files are copied.

Support Options
  • Email
  • Phone
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use Yellow Folder*


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