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PTM Document Systems


Print to Mail™ Pressure Seal Products

Offers a vareity of Print to Mail folder sealers pressure seal machines, pre-glued mailer forms and checks, OMR scanners, and application software for custom document mailing. Feel free to call us for more information.

Since 2001, PTM Document Systems has been the exclusive source for our Print to Mail™ systems used in schools, school districts, hospitals, clinics and businesses. The Print to Mail™ Accessory is the inexpensive folder/sealer that dominates distributed office mailing applications. Our affordable stand-alone units range from smaller units perfect for low volume, distributed processing, to high speed units for large scale centralized processing.

Our experienced Sales Consultants will help you match the correct Print to Mail™ system to your operational requirements and budget. As a full service company, we offer a complete system: the Print to Mail™ machine, Print to Mail™ documents, formatting software, CASS certification software and after sale support. PTM Document Systems has all the resources to ensure a successful installation.

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