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ic-BOARD (ElectronicSchoolBoard)

ic-BOARD (ElectronicSchoolBoard)

ic-BOARD by InterCom Network, also known as ElectronicSchoolBoard, is the most comprehensive paperless meeting solution in the marketplace today.  With being in business over 20 years, our customizable, role-based system provides the right tools for everyone.  ic-BOARD is a powerful tool offering fully automated meeting workflow with unlimited meeting and agenda types.  Automate your entire process from building/organizational initiatives to running meetings and save thousands of dollars for your organization.  

We have five packages available depending on your district's size, budget, and needs.  These packages are:  Basic, Lite, Pro, Premier, and Premier Plus.  We believe that you should only pay for the features you use.  Thus, we value that students are always the number one priority of the school district and their budget.

Our product implementation is extremely fast.  Your site can be put up and ready for you to use in 24 hours or less!  Training can start immediately without any wait.

Our 24/7/365 Technical Support is superior!  Every customer of our company receives our personal cell phone numbers when assistance is needed.

We provide live, interactive demonstrations on your schedule!  To schedule a demo, please click here.

Our product has hundreds of features available for your district to benefit from, more than any other product in the marketplace today.  Here is just a sample of our features:
  • Separate Site Access for the Board/Staff/Public
  • Full Access Through ANY Type of Device
  • Full Integration with District’s Website
  • Role based Customizable Navigation Menus
  • Unlimited User Accounts with Eight Different Roles Available
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Different Password Strength Options
  • Quickly Create Meeting Categories w/Sub-Categories with Unlimited Templates Integrated
  • Calendar Navigation for Scheduled Meetings 
  • Multiple Agenda Viewing Modes
  • Expand/Collapse Agenda Viewing Options 
  • Agenda Item Inbox with 4-Level Item Status 
  • Item Spell Check
  • Automated, Custom Workflow w/Auto-email Notification
  • Incomplete Item Alert Messages
  • Unlimited File Attachments for Any File Type
  • Digitized Signatures upon Approval of Items
  • Copy Board Item Feature
  • Capture Encrypted Staff comments per Item
  • Full Access by Superintendent, Including the Ability for a Second Signer
  • Auto-email Notification to the Board upon Revision
  • Professional Agenda Review Diagnostics for Clerk 
  • Automatic Smart Email Notifications
  • Private Encrypted Notepad per Board Members
  • Agendas Open to Public on District Website upon the Clerk's Approval in Seconds
  • Integrate Agenda Video Files 
  • Create Unlimited Custom Meeting Types 
  • Apply Security Restrictions per Item and Attachment
  • Powerful Consent Agenda Voting
  • Separate Meeting Moderator
  • Easy to Read, Automated Audience Display
  • Search Engine - Basic/Advanced
  • RSS feeds for Agendas/Minutes/Policies
  • Full Minutes Library
  • No-Cost Upload Old Minutes/Agendas from the Past as far as District Decides (5, 10, 25, 50, 100+ years worth)
  • No-Cost Upload of Entire Policy and Regulations Manual
  • Strategic Plan/District Goals Library, Including Associating Strategic Goals in Items
  • Policy Links Embedded into the item
  • 2-Click Item Move in Agenda Manager
  • Unlimited Approvers to Sign-Off on Items
  • Markup Capability for File-to-File Association
  • Separate Votes & Motions Moderator
  • Synchronized Cruise Control
  • Real-time Voting Results per Item 
  • Multiple Audience Display Views for Multiple Projectors
  • Speaker Queue with Timer
  • Predefined Minutes Boiler Plate
  • Minutes Builder/Compiling of Minutes
  • Separate Attorney Review Options
  • Highly Encrypted Confidential Agendas
  • Separate Additional Motions Moderator
  • Multiple Additional Motion Types
  • Real-Time Attendance for Meetings
  • Lock Down Confidential Meetings
  • Highly Encrypted Confidential Minutes

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use IC-BOARD*

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