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Data Type

Quantitative Metrics

Qualitative Metrics

Student Achievement Data

  • Overall course grades (based on tests, homework)
  • GPA
  • Attendance
  • Graduation rate
  • Standardized assessment score
  • Proficiency rate
  • Papers
  • Projects
  • Presentations
  • Videos

Perceptual Data

  • Likert scale survey responses and distributions
  • Climate survey scale scores
  • Student interviews or testimonials
  • Videos
  • Letters

Demographic Data

  • Student enrollment (total and by grade)
  • Student breakdown by group (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, Free/ Reduced Lunch, IEP)

School Process Data

  • Number of teachers or support staff
  • Total number of full-time staff
  • Number of professional
    development hours
  • Number of staff meetings
  • Teacher interviews or testimonials
  • Classroom videos

Program/ Intervention Data

  • Number of students in program/intervention
  • Percent showing growth or improvement
  • Percent completing program successfully
  • Focus groups of program participants
  • PTA meetings and public comments at school board meetings
  • Students interviews or testimonials

Source: https://slds.grads360.org/services/PDCService.svc/GetPDCDocumentFile?fileId=25133

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