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CALPADS EOY window update

 Dear CALPADS LEA Administrators and Representatives: This is the two-week update to the May 4, 2022 listserv message that announced a delay to the opening of the 2021-22 End-of-Year (EOY) submission window. 

The CDE plans to open the EOY submission window on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Additionally, in recognition of the delayed opening, current system issues, and the need for student information system vendors to implement changes to local systems and users to adjust local business practices, the July 31, 2022 certification deadline has been lifted. 

The CDE recognizes that LEAs will need adequate time to submit and review data for quality, and will assess the need to extend the final August 26, 2022 deadline in the coming weeks. The CALPADS team has been testing the EOY functionality in the new CALPADS environment and addressing identified issues. In an attempt to balance system readiness with the need to provide LEAs as much time as possible to submit data and review reports prior to the summer break, the CDE will open the EOY submission window with some known issues. 

Next week, prior to the opening of the window, a communication will be sent identifying the tasks LEAs should focus on, as well as the known issues that have yet to be addressed. The CDE also requests that LEAs not certify any EOY submissions until the CDE has implemented the Certification Validation Rules (CVRs) that were fatal Input Validation Rules (IVRs) in the legacy system. These IVRs were not retained as validations that would reject a file on input because it required comparing data in the file to data that was in the CALPADS ODS, which negatively impacted system performance. (In the future, LEAs will see these validations first as Data Discrepancies, and can resolve them before a submission window opens.) 

The CDE is working to implement these new CVRs early in the submission window so that LEAs have sufficient time to resolve any errors, and will let LEAs know when they can begin certifying their submissions. Thank you,


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