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  1. MJ Ongpauco
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  4. Wednesday, 26 February 2020
I'm a bit confused with how to report Teachers who teach students but who also serve as department chairs for a period or two..

Are these simply reported as:

Job Class: 12 Teacher
FTE: 100
Job Assignment: 6099

OR, should teacher and department chair be separated into 2 Job classes? It just look weird to me when I use 1 job class because the teacher would also appear in the 4.5 Staff Non Classroom Based or Support Assignment with a 100 FTE...

Any clarification would be helpful..

Thank you!
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Hi MJ. There's some more info here: https://www.schooldataleadership.org/solutions/calpads-solutions/item/sass0219

I would create two records. One for the teachers as department chair (12-6099) for those periods (e.g. 20 or 40% time) and then a basic teacher record for the rest.
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